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Hi everyone. I was hoping some of you could share your recent experiences with the 4th Class papers. I am instructing a night class and it's been years since I wrote the 4th. Every exam is different but I would like to hear people's take on the current 4th papers. Harder then they expected? Lots of math/mechanics, what was some of the more prevalent themes on the papers? Thanks any info helps.

Hey t-polly, there have been a bunch of guys at my work that wrote the 4th papers in the past year or two (TSSA exams). A few have failed and most have passed. Overall it seems like 4B is easier than 4A. Also seems like the math is the main struggle for 4A. Otherwise, IMO, the main reason guys fail is not putting in the time to study. Running out of test time could be an issue on 4A but usually guys are done 4B well under the 3.5hrs. Like others have said on this forum, putting in the time and learning the material is the best way to succeed!

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