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Posting exam questions vs. asking for exam questions.

Power Engineers.
Please use this site if you have information to add such as exam like questions or related links etc. I do not want this site to be a place where people are only asking for questions. Please use Facebook for that. I want this site to be a valuable tool in your Power Engineering career.

Mike Maidens

100 % Agreed.

I think this forum needs multiple areas like any other forum, for all the different topics,etc. Just a thought.

Totally agree with Mike.... I hate what the Facebook site has become

Hey ryancoke, good feedback. We'll definitely have something to accommodate for some structural categorization to the site sometime in the future. The current thinking though to achieve that is to leverage a concept of 'tags' rather than dividing the site into multiple topics. We want to make the PEC more dynamic & interactive than an average forum.

I'm studying to write 1RA4, would it be out of line to ask on this site what material I should be studying from?

Could'nt agree more about the facebook comments. Started out as a good thing but has got a little out of hand. Sharing material can be a useful tool in aidding a person in getting their tickets especially when some of the material can be really confusing and hard to understand but when you are going online and begging for questions it is too much. People see dollars signs and want to get ticketed up to start making big money but don't want to earn their tickets. I remember getting my 4th and 3rd, I spent hundreds of hours studing for both tickets and did'nt fail a paper until I reach the 2nd. Guess that does'nt happen any more. I guess to each their own.

I don't think your question is out of line. You are just asking what to study. I wrote that exam a couple of months ago. If you have any questions shoot me a message (szorn@mts.net), I also have some sample questions for that exam if you need them.

What is the facebook site called?

Reminder, this site is not to be used for asking for exam like questions.
Try the following link for that.

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